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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the Right Solution

Our company isn’t what you would call “tech savvy.” Will iTacit work for us?
Yes. In fact, it was invented especially for companies like yours. It’s easy to use, easy to set up, easy to update. If you know how to use a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll be fine using iTacit. Of course, if your company has more technical know-how, you can add more sophisticated features.
What’s included with each iTacit solution?
Too much to list here, so we’ve created a handy comparison chart. It lists all of the features, tools and add-ons available with the Talent Management Suite and other iTacit Suites.
We’d love to add direct messaging. Can we?
You bet. It’s our most popular add-on and easy to integrate.

Easy Setup and Installation

How does iTacit get installed?
iTacit is cloud-based, so no installation is needed, just a quick setup. No big investment in time and no complicated technical manual. iTacit integrates into existing workplace systems and updates happen automatically.
Is training everyone on the software going to be a hassle?
Not at all. It’s designed for front line staff to pick up and start using quickly. iTacit is easy to navigate and intuitive, so minimal training is needed. We’ll help with the initial rollout and train an iTacit Coordinator as a convenient source of user support. So you have someone on site who knows the power of iTacit and how to make it work for your company.

Understanding the Technology

Will we have to learn a new technology?
No. iTacit uses everyday technology that employees are familiar with. It works on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
What if we don’t allow employees to use personal devices on the job?
iTacit works on desktops as well as mobile devices, so you always have options. Most customers use both. Even without mobile access at work, our customers find that employees still use the app at home and on breaks.
Can iTacit work with our payroll or scheduling software?
Yes. Our software can interface with other software – and still give employees a single place to log in. So your people can go to just one spot for all of their workplace needs.
How does iTacit work with shared computers?
Each employee has a unique username and password. So, even at a common workstation, the information and training they see will be specifically tailored to their role.

Creating Valuable Content

We’ve invested in our own training courses. Can we use them on iTacit?
Sure can. The training center is extremely flexible. You can upload courses you’ve developed or courses you buy somewhere else. Either way, your content will be supported by our sophisticated tracking software. If you’d rather just use a read-only viewer for simple presentation slides, you can do that, too.
What if we don’t have any training courses yet?
Don’t worry, you have options and we have solutions. We’d be happy to pre-populate your training center with a collection of expertly vetted courses that are relevant to your industry and your workforce. Or you can build new courses of your own with our exclusive iCourse editor.

Support When You Need It

Are we going to need our own IT department to use iTacit?
Not at all. iTacit is designed for minimal setup and minimal maintenance – perfect for medium-sized businesses who don’t have their own IT. And since it’s cloud-based, there are no servers to upkeep. Our software conforms to your technology needs and abilities. Not the other way around.
How do we get started?
Even though iTacit is simple to use and set up, we’re still with you every step of the way. We can help you find the right solution for your needs and technology comfort level. Then we’ll support your team during data setup, launch and comprehensively train key users within your company.
What about service after iTacit is launched?
We’re not going anywhere; expert help is available anytime. We provide ongoing technical guidance and support today, tomorrow and into the future. We’re proud of our highly-rated customer service team. We know you’ll love them, too!

Have More Questions?

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