Fix a disconnected workforce with a unified, app-enabled communication platform

Connect employees and build your team without relying on email

Push critical and relative information to your employees in real-time

Engage employees with notice boards and feedback polls

Provide an always-on knowledge base for each role

A great building block to begin connecting your team

Popular Features
Role-based Messaging
 Notice Board & Polls
 Document Library
 Analytics & Usage Reports

Communication Tools:

Everything you need to begin connecting your workforce:

Notice Board

Designed to keep employees informed and engaged, targeted Notice Board posts and polls reach employees with content that’s relevant to their role.

Social Engagement

Secure and monitor your team’s social activities. Notice Board social collaboration features can be enabled on posts to allow “Likes” and moderated comments.

Instant Feedback Polls

One question surveys enable quick feedback, whether it’s about a recent staff meeting or a company picnic. Opt to show results immediately or restrict to admin view only.

Role-Based File Access

Policies and important documents should be easy to find, always up-to-date and easy to engage with. Target and categorize files within a searchable library that is easy to manage.

PDF Fillable Forms

Frequently used direct deposit slips, tax forms and other important forms can be completed directly within the iTacit app via fillable PDFs.

Direct and Role-Based Messaging

Connect with employees without relying on messy email distribution lists. The optional messaging tool includes direct and role-based sending, with or without attachments.

Compliance Tracking

Analytics on all communication ensures that your company’s compliance requirements are fully met. .

Analytics/Usage Reports

Including a comprehensive view of each employee and their engagement; analytics and usage reports provide insight into the effectiveness of communication efforts.

A platform for every disconnected front-line.

From a single platform, iTacit puts complete visibility and management control at your fingertips.

“ iTacit is really an easy to use, affordable platform. It has helped me develop stronger employees.”

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