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Why Choose iTacit?

We'll help you build your best workforce.
Train, Connect and Develop your Team using a single work space.
Instill your organization's culture and ensure compliance seamlessly across varied time schedules and different locations.

Train & Connect Suite

Simplify your Training and also Connect your staff!

Eliminate the inconsistency of a disconnected workforce by using a single training and communication platform to set common organizational expectations.

Onboard, Train & Connect Suite

Simplify your Onboarding and Training while Connecting your staff!

Create a shared onboarding experience, where all candidates are welcomed with standardized communications and successful new hires have all the right training and tools to be successful.

Talent Management Suite

Maximize Impact!

Make the most of iTacit with all the extras. Every feature, every tool is included from day one. We’ll even customize the look to fit your brand. It’s the entire library of iTacit benefits in one workspace.

No matter the industry, iTacit offers you the best solution to


Train, connect, and develop across all devices.


iTacit is flexible and ready to grow with your needs.


Employees and managers see only what is most important to them.


Unify your team across varied time schedules and different locations.


We understand the challenges of Long Term Care and other industries with complex compliance requirements.

See how the iTacit Talent Management Suite provides you with one place to train, connect and develop your team.