Fix a disconnected workforce with a unified, app-enabled communication platform

Connect employees and build your team without relying on email

Push critical and relative information to your employees in real-time

Engage employees with notice boards and feedback polls

Provide an always-on knowledge base for each role

A great building block to begin connecting your team

Popular Features
Role-based Messaging
 Notice Board & Polls
 Document Library
 Analytics & Usage Reports

Communication Module

Add technology to your corporate communications with minimal investment and effort.


  • Post information quickly on your company Notice Board.
  • Spread critical messages without relying on email.
  • Ensure information is received and read.
  • Encourage engagement with Comments and Polls.
  • Control communication access – staff sees only what’s right for their role.
  • Connect through desktop or mobile devices.

“ iTacit is really an easy to use, affordable platform. It has helped me develop stronger employees.”

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