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Recruit Top Talent

Streamline your recruiting process and hire the right candidate – faster.

Onboard, Train & Connect Suite

A good choice if you want to:

  • successfully recruit and onboard employees by creating the best impressions of your organization, first from the outside as a potential candidate, then from the inside as a new hire.
  • focus on attracting and hiring the best employees and successfully integrating them into your organization.
  • provide career growth and training opportunities, to boost employee satisfaction and retention, as well as become more efficient and productive.
  • consistently develop and train your employees across multiple locations; by way of compliance training, and workforce and career development.
  • push information to your employees in real-time and connect your employees across multiple locations.


Recruiting Module

Disconnected workforces and high turnover can hurt employee performance and sabotage consistency. Reach and onboard the right candidates.
  • Create postings, find recruits and manage the hiring & on-boarding process.
  •  Post career opportunities internally or through your own branded External Career Center.
  • Quickly gauge candidate fit with initial weighted rankings from your standard applications.
  • Manage all candidates in one convenient place.
  • Roll out on-boarding items to new hires to help them feel more confident, faster.


Training Module

Ensure your employees get the right training – from the start and to meet ongoing needs.


Define employee training requirements, create and deliver training content specific to your organization from learning specific skills to general procedures. Paperwork, scheduling and reminders are automated, freeing up valuable time.

  • Allow employees to complete training requirements at their convenience.
  • Automate on-boarding and annual mandatory training programs.
  • Track individual – and team – progress in real time.
  • Upload existing training or create your own online courses.
  • Integrate online training and in-service training schedules.
  • Post required reading and commonly used important policies and documents in one place.

FOCUS ON COMPLIANCE, managing training standards that must be met – no exceptions. iTacit eliminates guesswork for you and your team and builds accountability across the organization.

Communication Module

Add technology to your corporate communications with minimal investment and effort.


  • Post information quickly on your company Notice Board.
  • Spread critical messages without relying on email.
  • Ensure information is received and read.
  • Encourage engagement with Comments and Polls.
  • Control communication access – staff sees only what’s right for their role.
  • Connect through desktop or mobile devices.
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