Show your members why your association is a critical and relevant resource

Facing a membership decline, associations need to add value.

From readily available information to networking via social media groups, associations are facing various threats affecting their ability to attract and maintain members. Member associations need to understand the unique benefits they offer and add value to their communications. To remain relevant and achieve their mandate, associations need to embrace technology and member-driven feedback, ultimately undergoing a digital transformation.

Increasingly diverse member values and opinions

Competition for member attention and readily available online content

Shifting demographics and member communication preferences

Ongoing challenge to achieve member education and engagement mandates

iTacit helps member associations to:

Keep members updated with news, events, and opportunities

Allow member self-discovery with information that is accessible through app notifications, direct or targeted communication, a community notice board and knowledge base.


Build stronger communities with polls, messaging and surveys

Boost engagement and build advocacy with interactive social communities and feedback tools, all of which provide complete visibility through analytics.

Support members through continued education

Encourage personal development and continued education with a fully functional LMS including course authoring and third-party training content integrations.

Integrate a branded app with push notifications.

Promote your association’s own branded app including push notifications. White label branding is 100% configurable and ready to roll-out with zero development cost.


Communication app improves team performance and builds efficiencies.


Facing rapid growth and an abundance of systems, staffing inefficiencies were a key issue in this disconnected workforce. Front-line workers were mostly reached by paper, physical bulletin boards or in-person by managers.


90% of registered employees access the iTacit mobile app.


Over 70,000 messages were exchanged on iTacit’s platform in the last year.


Reduced use of corporate email addresses.

A platform that meets the unique needs of member associations and societies.


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