Meet iTacit

Our people are committed to making your employee life cycle more productive, efficient, and cost-effective.

About iTacit

iTacit Inc. was formed in 2011 by a core group of people with lifetime careers in delivering healthcare solutions to customers all over North America. They realized the tremendous need for technology based solutions in the healthcare market. Initially focused on improving productivity of employees and management in the healthcare space, iTacit is now used by organizations in healthcare, government and private sector companies as we continue to make the employee life cycle more productive, more efficient and more cost effective. We understand that disconnected workforces and high turnover can hurt employee performance and sabotage consistency. Through its LMS Training, Communication, Recruiting, Performance Management and Survey tools, iTacit helps medium-sized organizations build their employee capacities and capabilities, to work as a single unit. We specialize in industries with a high amount of regulation and training requirements.

Meet Our Leaders

Luke Megarity
President and Chief Operations Officer
Nathan Munroe
Director of Business Development
See Hean Quek
Director of Technology and Infrastructure
Lisa Walsh-Cooper
Director of Customer Success
Tanya Harris
Director of Finance, Human Resources and Administration
Trina Weston
Director of Product Services